Introducing: Hawk Delivery Press Release
Hawk Incentives are taking reward delivery to the next level. Not content with postal, email or digital delivery of their gift cards and vouchers, hawk-eyed consumers will have spotted their new fleet of delivery birds set to ruffle feathers within the industry.

These Hawks are specially trained to anticipate the exact time a customer or employee needs a little boost or a well-deserved reward, and then deliver it seamlessly to their desk or workplace, making them feel valued.

Andy Nicholas, Chief Hawk Wrangler at Hawk Incentives, said “It really was only a matter of time before our name-sake bird became a tangible part of our business. Sure, I’ve suffered a few nips and scratches but delighting our clients is my main priority.”

Indeed, Hawk Incentives are always prepared to go above and beyond for their clients and deliver an end-to-end solution that surprises, delights and delivers.

With this new service flying off the shelves what’s next? We’re planning on installing some special Hawk Homes along their delivery routes to give our Hawks a place to rest and recharge - read below to find out how we’re going to set this up nationwide.


Hawkward…this is an April Fools. If you’d like to get in touch about the fantastic suite of customer and employee engagement solutions that are very real and deliver for our clients’ time and time again please get in touch on 0207 419 8191.
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