If you said games and toys, or computer games you might be surprised to find the answer is actually clothes and shoes. Just as well, then, that child-friendly fashion brand GAP is one of our card partners for our exclusive Kids’ Choice card!

According to this month’s article from the Office for National Statistics, spending data from the last 2 years shows that 15 year-olds spend an average of £25 a week. That’s a huge amount of spending power, generated from pocket money, gifts and jobs like paper rounds. Even the 7 year-olds are averaging a spend of £7.40 a week.

Source: ONS Family spending in the UK

So it just goes to show, it’s not always possible to predict what anyone will spend their money on, whether it’s received as a gift or hard-earned from an early morning paper round.  

Kids' Choice gift card

Kids' Choice hits the spot

Kids’ Choice features partner brands Build-A-Bear, Gap, Toys R Us, Vue and Waterstones. It’s just one of our unique range of themed gift cards designed to bring together leading brands that appeal to a certain audience.

For example, if someone loves cycling, Cycle Choice is a thoughtful and highly relevant gift; while The Restaurant Choice is great for those who love to eat out.

Look out for more of our Choice cards on sale in major retailers across the UK.

Ask us about using Choice cards as rewards, gifts and incentive solutions for your target demographic of employees and consumers.

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